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Since 1999,Sign Diamond has specialised in crafting exquisite, unique jewellery design with diamond and precious stones in gold. In 2002, the company has successfully expanded into the retail sector.  Currently, its stores are located in prime locations on Grand Bazaar/Beyazit in Istanbul, TURKEY. The Company provides high quality jewellery for wholesalers, retailers and directly to consumers in Turkey.

Sign Diamond has earned the reputation as a trustworthy retailer and wholeseller of high quality and reasonably priced jewellery. The Company also targets the jewellery exhibitions all around the World in every year, such as , New York , JIS Miami Show  , JCK Las vegas Show, Singapur , Hong kong, Malaysia, Bahreyn, Kuwait, Qatar , Oman.
And also we are keen to extanded our  footprint in europe about retail sell as well as whole sales.

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